Where and When?

We meet every Wednesday in WBP w Krakowie (Krakow’s public library), located at ul. Rajska 1, room 245 (second floor). The meetings start at 5:45 PM.


Our Next Meeting

There are no events

Contact Us

  • krakow.toastmasters@gmail.com


You’ve attended one or more meetings, and you really liked them. Now, you want to become a club member of this international organization, and take advantage of everything it has to offer. As a member, you can have access to all the Toastmasters materials (that help you to develop every skill related to public speaking), choose your own Toastmasters paths of development, deliver speeches and get invaluable feedback, as well as practice leadership skills on every meeting. 


  • Manual fees (one-time fee): 100 PLN
  • Membership fee (paid every 6 months): 190 PLN

When you become a member, you’ll receive 2 manuals from Toastmasters International – Competent Communication + Competent Leadership. After you finished those manuals, you’ll receive two advanced manuals of your choice.

In order to become a Club Member, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Fill the Membership Application and send it to the club’s Vice-President Membership (the e-mail is on every meeting agenda). If you have any questions about the application, let the VPM know.
  2. The VPM will give you the details of the Treasurer, the Officer that will receive your fees payment. Simply transfer 100 PLN + 190 PLN to the Treasurer’s bank account.
  3. Congratulations! You are now a Toastmasters member! Time to do the first project from the CC manual: The_Icebreaker.pdf