Where and When?

We meet every Wednesday in WBP w Krakowie (Krakow’s public library), located at ul. Rajska 1, room 245 (second floor). The meetings start at 5:45 PM.


Our Next Meeting

There are no events

Contact Us

  • krakow.toastmasters@gmail.com


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we get a lot (click on the question to expand the answer):

Q: How does it work? How does the meeting look? What’s up with all those “speeches” and “evaluations”?

Q: When is the next meeting?

Q: Can I come?

Q: I’d like to come to the meeting, should I register somehow in advance?

Q: I’d like to come, but I’m afraid I’ll have to speak… Can’t I just listen?

Q: Can I speak Polish on the meeting?

Q: I’m worried my English is not good enough to be able to give speeches.

Q: Are there any membership fees?

Q: Do I have to pay the fees right away?

Q: How can I pay the fees?